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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Falling Upward

            Pathanjali Yoga has mapped the whole journey, the whole pilgrimage of man; from Sex to Samadhi, from the lowest centre ‘moolatharam ‘ to the highest centre, the very pinnacle of evolution, the sahasrathalam. Yoga divides the man into seven layers, seven steps, seven centres. The first is moolatharam, the sex centre, sun centre  and the last is sahasrathalam, the God centre. The sex centre is intrinsically moving downward. It is your connection with matter, what yoga calls ‘prakriti’- nature. The sex centre is your relation with nature, the world that you have left behind, the past. The mechanism to move downwards exists in man, animals, birds and plants but only the man has the staircase and can Fall Upward.

           The nature has mothered you up to now. Now the Mother says `leave the breast; be on your own’. Those who have understood it , they have taken the responsibility and have become siddhas and buddhas, those who have achived. Just as the genital organs are a subtle opening in the moolatharam, from the subtle opening you move downward into nature, into life, into the visible, the material, into the form. 
          Exactly like that , you have a non functioning organ in the crown of the head, there is also a subtle opening. When energy rushes there, that opening bursts open, and from there you come in contact with super- nature- call it God, perfected beings, siddhas, those who have already attained.

          Your body is divided into male and female. Your brain is also divided into two brains. Two hemispheres. The left side of the brain is sun brain; the right side of the brain is moon brain. Your left nostril is connected with moon centre. Your right nostril is connected to sun centre. The opposite. The right side of the brain is connected with your left side of your body and vice versa. And unless you attain to a balance between the sun and moon energy, you will not be able to transcend the sahasrathalam. 

           You cannot transcend this as man; you cannot transcend this as woman; you have to reach there just as pure consciousness – one , total, whole. The duality as man and woman have to be dropped at this centre.

         If you are a man, you have to be fully conscious of your own sun, your solar energy centre, your sex centre. When the  moolatharam is showered by consciousness , you will watch, and you will see that an energy is arising and moving into the hara centre (below the navel) into moon centre. And you will feel so blissful when the energy moves into the moon centre. All your sexual orgasms are nothing compared to it- absolutely nothing; there is ten thousand times more intensity when your sun energy moves into your own moon energy. Then the real man meets the real woman and there will be permanent orgasm. 

           If you are a women, bring your consciousness to the hara centre, and you will see your energy moving towards sun centre.
One centre is non-functioning; one is functioning. The functioning has to be joined with non-functioning: immediately, the non functioning starts to function. And when the energy is meeting, - sun and moon are becoming one- you will see that now the energy goes on rising upward. 

           In yoga symbolism, the moolatharam , the sex centre, is thought to be like a red lotus of four petals. The sahasrathalam is represented by as thousand petalled lotus- of all colours because it includes the whole.  Ordinarily, the sahasrathalam , hangs downward in your head. Once the energy moves through it, the energy makes it upward. When the lotus moves upward and blooms, it is said in yoga scriptures, “ it is as resplendent as ten million suns and ten million moons’.
Source: The Secret of Yoga- Osho

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