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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Course of life .2

The law of thought as destiny works in silence and is unseen. Its course is not perceptible by senses. A thought is a being created by the Conscious Light and Desire; and which when issued, has in it an aim, a potential, design, and a balancing factor. Like the needle of a campas, points to the final balance of the thought as a whole. The thought endures until the balancing factor has brought about an adjustment through the one who issued the thought.
            Whenever the thought , moving in its course, approaches the physical plane, it causes the one who issued it, to be in place for exteriorization of the thought. An exteriorization can happen only when there is a juncture of time, condition and place.  Every thought , once issued, endures and appears cyclically, exteriorized as a physical event.
            Events which affect a few or many, or a race or a continent, or the whole world, arrive to those whom they benefit or afflict according to the working of  the law of thought  as destiny. The thoughts press for an opening for exteriorization .
            If they are  many people whose thoughts tend towards a similar event , they are gathered even from the ends of the earth to bring about the so called accidents. In these cases , the just suffer along with the unjust. The unjust are the evil ones in the present. The just are the unrighteous of the past.
            In every life there are numerous events which are generally regarded as accidents. Such events are , to mention a few: birth at a particular time into a certain country, race , family, and religion. Birth into favourable and unfavourable conditions, birth into healthy or diseased body, birth with certain psychic tendencies and mental endowments.
            Among these are opportunities offered to enter into a trade, a business or a vocation; chance acquaintances who cause, prevent or end associations in work or commerce; and conditions which lead to or hinder marriage and friendship.
            Though the accident or the event may not reveal the whole past to him,  it may reveal that portion of the past which it is necessary for him to know.If he tries to understand, he will learn, and he will learn more, if he is willing to pay – he must pay any way.What he lears will bring him nearer to the WHOLE.

Source: Thinking and Destiny , HW Percival


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