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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zen way...

On the sea of death and life
The diver’s boat is freighted
With ‘is’ and ‘is not’
But if the bottom is broken through
‘Is’ and ‘is not’ disappear.
The mind cannot become Buddha
The body cannot become Buddha
Only what cannot become Buddha
Can become the Buddha.
As lightening
Which disappears like dew,
Which vanishes like a phantom-
Thus think of yourself.
A mind to search elsewhere
For the Buddha
Is the foolishness.
In the very centre of foolishness.
The dew on the lotus leaf
Undyed by its colour,
Just as it is,
Is the real form of Buddha.
The shopkeeper in the shop, the worker in the factory and the farmer on the field—the dew on the lotus leaf, if it is uncolored by the leaf, then there is no problem. You can be the farmer, or a shopkeeper or a clerk or a master, you can be anybody—that is only the form. Deep inside, remain unattached to what so ever is happening around you. And you are a Buddha.

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  1. But budha is NOT about detachment, but about renounciation.. and is budha, right in his teachings?