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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mayandi Siththar

Myself , my son and my uncle's son  met Mayandi Siththar at Idaiyamelur , Sivaganga District on 11th November 2004 , a day before Deepavali. Upon entry into the hall, He started uttering " lakhs and lakhs of people are going to be washed away by water" Instantly  I made the request, "Swami, Could you not help them out?" "No swami or bootham could help" was the immediate  reply. Then He started uttering  on few other things and blessed us all. It was all over with in 15 minutes.

On December 26th 2004,  when I was witnessing the TV news flash on Tsunami in Tamil Nadu, I could not help recollecting what the Siththar was mentioning a month back. When I met HIM again subsquently,  attemted to mention what He said and what had happened but HE never gave ear for my information and started discussing something else. His Samadhi Beetam is at the same village even now and He is blessing us all.

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