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Monday, January 30, 2012

Observer and the Observed

Please explain . Is life an observer and death observed?
No, both are observed- life and death. Beyond both is the observer. You cannot call that observer 'life' because life contains death in it. You cannot call that observer 'death' because the death presupposes life. That observer is just transcendence.

         That which you are is neither life nor death. You pass through life, you pass through death but you are neither. You are just a witness to it all. You pass through happiness, you pass through misery, you pass through disease, you pass through health, you pass through success,you pass through failure - but you are none of these. You remain the watcher and you remain the witness.
         That witnessing is beyond all dualities. So don't try to make it identified with one part of the polarity. Life is one part of the same circle in which the other half , death exists. Death and life are not apart, they are together. death and life are two aspect of the same energy, two faces of the same coin- on one side life and the other side death. Can you think of life without death? Or can you think of death without life? So they are not really opposites but complementariness. They are friends and not enemies; They are business partners.

         I can understand your question. You would like to get identified with life, so that you can say ,'I am immortal.No death for me.' That is your hankering. And I am not saying that you are not immortal, but the word 'immortal' is not right. You are eternal, not immortal. Immortal means you have no death- always life.  'Eternity'  means you don't have either.  You are part of this totality that goes on and on- through lives and through deaths, ups and downs, valleyes and peaks- and goes on moving. You are that which dies, that which lives and yet remains aloof... a lotus in the pond, untouched.

Source: Zen, the path of paradox, Osho


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