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Monday, August 13, 2012

Why things happen as they do and when they do?

How strange  that you, the children of Time and Space , are not aware as yet that Time is the Universal memory inscribed on the tablet of Space. If everything at all- not only that which of you have a vivid collection, but that as well of which you are entirely unaware, you, being limitted by senses, can yet remember certain things between your birth and death, how much more so can Time which was before your birth and lasts indefinitely beyond your death?

I say to you that Time remembers everything at all- not only that which you have a vivid recollection, but that as well of which you are entirely unaware.

For there is no oblivion in Time; no, not of the slightest movement or breath or whim. All that is kept in the memory of Time is graven deep upon the things in the Space.

The very earth you tread; the very air you breath, the very house you dwell in can readily reveal to you the most minute details in the records of your lives, past, present and to come , had you but the stamina to read and the keenness to grasp the meaning.

In life as in death; on the earth and beyond the earth, you never are alone, but are in constant company of things and beings which have their share in your life and death, as you have yours in their life and death. As you partake of them , so they partake of you; and as you seek them, so they seek you.

Man has a will in everything; and each thing has a will in man. The interchange goes on uninterrupted.But the woefully bad accountant is the failing memory of Man. Not so the faultless memory of Time which keeps a most exact account of Man's relations with his fellow men and all the other beings in the Universe, and forces him to settle his accounts each twinkling of an eye , life after life and death after death.

MIKHAI NAIMY... the book of Mirdad.